Example 1

$ python --p length -n 25 --interactive

Example 2

$ python -p length --callee png_free -var slength -n 3 -l png_handle_sCAL -r

Usage Pattern

Suppose we have already parsed the code and we have configured and started the neo4j database service. (For parsing the code and database configuration please refer to the document of joern. Don’t worry, the section A Quick Start Example will also mention a little about this.):

$ cd chucky-ng/chucky
$ python [-h] [-f FUNCTION] [--callee CALLEES [CALLEES ...]]
             [-p PARAMETERS [PARAMETERS ...]]
             [-var VARIABLES [VARIABLES ...]] -n N_NEIGHBORS
             [-c CHUCKY_DIR] [-o OUTPUT_REPORT_DIRECTORY] [-r]
             [--interactive] [-l LIMIT] [-d | -v | -q]

optional arguments:

-h, --help          Show this help message and exit.
-f FUNCTION, --function FUNCTION
                    Specify the function to analysis.
                    If this option is configured, the analysis will only perform on this function.
-n N_NEIGHBORS, --n-neighbors N_NEIGHBORS
                    Number of neighbours to consider for neighborhood discovery.
-c CHUCKY_DIR, --chucky-dir CHUCKY_DIR
                    The directory holding chucky's data such as cached
                    symbol embeddings and possible annotations of sources and sinks.
                    The report output directory of chucky. For each target function under
                    analyzation chucky will generate a detail report.
-r, --report        Output the detail report for each function under analyzation.
--interactive       Enable interactive mode.
-l LIMIT, --limit LIMIT
                    Limit analysis to functions with given name.
-d, --debug         Enable debug output.
-v, --verbose       Increase verbosity.
-q, --quiet         Be quiet during processing.


--callee CALLEES [CALLEES ...]
                    Specify the identifier name of callee type source/sink.
                    Specify the identifier name of parameter type source/sink.
                    Specify the identifier name of variable type source/sink.

To get a quick start, please see A Quick Start Example.